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Over 2,200 Early Childhood Educators are in Grand Rapids this week to attend the Michigan Association for the Education of Young Children Conference.  President elect Kelly Kreider  joins us to shares the details. 

Gov. Rick Snyder signed an executive order to create a new education commission charged with analyzing top performing schools and recommending changes to the state's education system.

Snyder's office has announced the 25-member 21st Century Education Commission Monday, after mentioning the plan in his January State of the State Address.

Snyder is supposed to appoint members to the commission from education, business, government and nonprofit organizations.

Northern Michigan University plans to upgrade its campus in Marquette over the next five years as part of a $175 million capital improvement plan.

The Mining Journal of Marquette reports that the university wants to spend about $100 million to build modernized housing and dining facilities to replace the former married housing dorms.

The university also hopes to use about $20 million to build a business innovation center and a military and veterans education center.

Farmers Insurance

A local insurance company is involved with grants for teachers and their interesting educational projects.  Farmers Insurance local agent Amy Goodman is here to talk about the competition and how the community benefits.

Mayor Mike Duggan is supporting state education reform legislation that would divide Detroit's public school system in two and launch a new district with better schools.

Duggan says in a release Tuesday that he urges the Michigan Senate to pass the $720 million plan. A vote on the Senate floor could be held Tuesday.

The Detroit district has been run by state-appointed emergency managers since 2009 and is about $515 million in debt.

A $1 million gift to Michigan State University has created a trust to provide scholarships and a fund for initiatives identified by the dean.

The East Lansing school on Monday announced the gift from its College of Law Trustee Mike Morris and his wife, Linda.

Mike Morris, an alumnus of the law school, joined the law school's Board of Trustees in 2010 and in 2011 he created the Morris Family Scholarship.

Morris served as chairman, president and CEO of American Electric Power from 2004 to 2011.

The new emergency manager of Detroit Public Schools says time is running out for lawmakers to approve a bailout.

Steven Rhodes says he can’t guarantee employees will get paid after April 8.

That’s because the district will likely run out of money during that payroll period.

He’s urging lawmakers to act quickly.

“I’m deeply concerned about the district running out of money on April 8th. There is no Plan B. There is no Plan B.”

The Legislature’s spring recess also falls on the two weeks leading up to April 8.

Three tax proposals for the East Grand Rapids Public School District passed by healthy margins on Tuesday evening.

The first and second allow the district to adjust millage levels to continue expected funding.

The third, 10-year .5 mill levy provides money for district repairs and improvements.

It's expected to raise $344,987 for the district in 2016.

All three proposals received at least 70 percent of the vote, according to unofficial election results.

Research microscope
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Got an idea for medical research?

The University of Michigan wants to hear about it.

The university has launched as an online place to submit an idea and post a brief video. Once posted, the public will have an opportunity to vote.

Ideas getting a certain number of votes will be eligible for research money from U of M.

Anyone can donate to a project through a secure online site.

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Alright, see if you can answer this: A Square measures 6 cm on each side. If three interior segments divide the square into two congruent trapezoids and an isosceles triangle, all of equal area, what is the length of the shortest segment connecting the two trapezoids?

Don’t worry, I didn’t get it either. But that was the question of the week for middle-schoolers preparing for this year’s Mathcounts competitions going on across the country.

“It’s basically a math bee similar to a spelling bee.”