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00000179-f232-de1b-a9f9-f2fa97a20003Investments in high-quality early childhood care, education, and support programs do more than help children – they also strengthen our workforce and economy. How are communities in West and Southwest Michigan approaching prevention and early intervention in these systems of care? How do the programs benefit children, families, care and education providers, businesses, and taxpayers? Where are the gaps, and how do we fill them? Come along as we take a closer look.

By Leaps & Bounds: The Critical Investment of Business & Policy in Child Care

Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce
Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce

Investments in child care accessibility and affordability are investments in both in the current Michigan workforce, and the future workforce. High-qualify affordable child care supports parents in contributing to our community, while providing for their families, and prepares children for school and life success.

Seal of the State of Michigan
Credit State of Michigan
State of Michigan

A growing number of West and Southwest Michigan businesses are coming together to focus on child care accessibility and affordability, along with Michigan policy makers. What is their motivation and what is the return on these investments? How can the community support or become involved in this critical and important work?

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Alexa Kramer, Director of Government Affairs, Grand Rapids Chamber; Representative Greg VanWoerkom, Michigan District 91; and Ken Sikkema, Senior Policy Fellow, Public Sector Consultants, are here to discuss. For more information, visit: grandrapids.org.

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