The WGVU Morning Show


Aug 28, 2015

The Executive Director of C-SNIP joins us to talk about the importance of spaying and neutering pets.

The Entreprenueurial Insider

The Entrepreneurial Insider, guests on behalf of GROW sharing their happenings with us.  Today's focus is on Spring GR, a program helping people looking to start a business.

Your Biz, Your Town

Aug 28, 2015

Your Biz Your Town, is a regular segment that puts a spotlight on local nonprofits and businesses doing great things in the community. Today, guests include Nicole Rodammer of the Boys and Girls Club, Patti Griswold representing Inforum, and Heather Callahan of Brush Studio Grand Rapids.

The Happy Cat Cafe

Aug 27, 2015

The Happy Cat Café is soon to open in West Michigan and co-owner Kati Palmurkar joins us to share the details.

School Talk

Aug 27, 2015

School Talk, every month featuring a local school district. Today our guest is Thomas DeJonge, Superintendent of Grand Rapids Christian Schools

The Boy Scouts

Aug 27, 2015

Boy Scouts join us in studio. We speak with Mom and Cub Master Melissa Wright and her son Leland. The sales of popcorn and the season is well underway. 

City Beat

Aug 27, 2015

City Beat, where to go and what to do this weekend  in West Michigan with the Managing Editor of Grand Rapids Magazine Marty Primeau.

Eat Dirt Mud Run

Aug 27, 2015

This Saturday, West Michigan families and friends will be messy and muddy, all due to the Eat Dirt Mud Run. We discuss the run with race director Jeff Eckart.

All About Women

Aug 27, 2015

All About Women, a monthly conversation with OB Gyn Dr. Robyn Hubbard on women’s health topics.

WGVU Explorers

Aug 27, 2015
WGVU Explorers logo
WGVU Explorers / WGVU Public Media

The WGVU Explorers now have spaces now available for the British Isles tour next month. We talk about this and more with Explorers in studio.

Food Forum

Aug 26, 2015
Food and Wine

Food Forum, our monthly conversation on food and wine pairing and more


Aug 26, 2015

We discuss the book ‘Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain,’ with internationally acclaimed bestselling author Dr. Daniel Siegel.

National Dog Day

Aug 26, 2015

Today is National Dog Day so let's talk about it with those who serve local dogs. Humane Society of West Michigan’s Tammy Hagedorn joins us.

Acme Cider Company

Aug 26, 2015

A Kickstarter is in the making, helping to bring a dream to a reality. David Winick with Acme Cider Company joins us to talk about his work.

Good News and Success

Aug 26, 2015
Good News Envelope Picture

Good News and Success, a monthly conversation highlighting those in the community making strides in their fields but not making the headlines.