The WGVU Morning Show

Breaking the Chain

Sep 25, 2020

PETA Senior Vice President Daphna Nachminovitch joins us to discuss a new documentary, Breaking the Chain, that follows the heroes who help backyard dogs and other animals.

Wheels of Courage

Sep 25, 2020

David Davis joins us to talk about his book ‘Wheels of Courage.’ David shares how paralyzed veterans from WW II invented Wheel Chair sports.

The Real Book Spy

Sep 25, 2020

Michigander Ryan Steck joins us to talk about how breaks news about new books and favorite authors.

Under the Arctic

Sep 25, 2020
Grand Rapids Public Museum / Grand Rapids Public Museum

Grand Rapids Public Museum opens their newest exhibit this Saturday, “Under the Arctic:  Digging into Permafrost.” We discuss this and other programming with Alee'a Cherry.

The Entrepreneur Insider with guests from GROW. Today GROW's Rosie Orchanian joins us to discuss the latest GROW programming and business woman Veverly Austin also joins us.

Chasing North Star

Sep 25, 2020

Kalamazoo author Heidi McCrary presents her book ‘Chasing North Star,’ set in Alamo, MI. We discuss the tough yet humorous themes.

Log Cabin Learning

Sep 25, 2020

Two students give back through their own nonprofit. We talk to the Brennan family out of Hopkins about their nonprofit, Log Cabin Learning, working with students in the Philippines.

Dr. Ken RedCross

Sep 25, 2020

Dr. Ken RedCross, author of ‘Bond:  The 4 Cornerstones of a Lasting and Caring Relationship with your Doctor,’ joins us to talk about the book and what communities most at risk for Covid 19 should do.

As part of Bridge GR, Opera Grand Rapids presents a gala on the Blue Bridge this evening. We talk to guests from the Opera about "Night with the Opera Gala: Tokyo.”

Gazelle Sports

Sep 25, 2020

Gazelle Sports challenges you to stay active and safe during the changing seasons. Gazelle's Alyssa Davison joins us to discuss the importance of staying warm by layering, stretching in the cold, and more.