President Joe Biden will start filling appointed federal positions in Michigan. The top federal prosecutor in southeast Michigan turned in his resignation today to give the new administration the opportunity to fill the job.

US Attorney Matthew Schneider has prosecuted corrupt UAW union leaders and public officials, including the Macomb County prosecutor. Schneider was appointed three years ago by then-President Donald Trump, but says it’s traditional for US attorneys to let the new president fill the position.


According to police, six people from Michigan are among those who have been arrested in connection with riots at the capitol building on Wednesday. Now the question: what kind of charges could they face?

Roughly 70 people have been arrested and investigations are on-going after extremists loyal to President Donald Trump invaded the capitol building in Washington DC on Wednesday, and of those 70 people that have been arrested, 6 so far have been from Michigan, who range in age from 28 years-of-age to 64.

Republicans on the Wayne County vote-canvassing board say they have second thoughts about certifying election results. Michigan’s Democratic secretary of state says it’s too late to reverse the decision.

With a critical Tuesday deadline looming, Republican challengers unhappy with Election Day vote counting are looking to the Michigan Court of Appeals.

In an emergency appeal filed Monday, Republican poll challengers ask the court to stop the certification of the votes in Wayne County. Because Wayne has the most voters, that would essentially slow or stop certifying the statewide results as well.

There’s no word on if or when the state Court of Appeals might make a decision. At the same time, these GOP challengers dropped a separate case that was filed in a federal court.

Election-related lawsuits are piling up in state and federal courts as President Donald Trump and Republicans challenge last week’s results.

There are at least five cases filed in state courts challenging how the elections were handled. There are at least two cases in federal courts. Some of the cases have been rejected at least once in lower courts because they’re based on unsubstantiated allegations.

A Michigan Court of Claims judge has rejected a challenge from President Trump’s campaign to Michigan’s absentee ballot counting process.

The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit that claimed Michigan denied poll challengers sufficient access to watch absentee voting boards at work. But Judge Cynthia Stephens said the Trump campaign failed to show any direct proof of that.

   And Stephens pushed back when a Trump campaign attorney argued otherwise.


   “I heard somebody else say something. Tell me why that’s not hearsay. Come on now.”

Governor Gretchen Whitmer leveled sharp words today against President Donald Trump over his handling of the COVID-19 crisis.

Whitmer has already been critical of the Trump administration’s response to COVID-19. But her words took on a harsher tone following the release of journalist Bob Woodward’s taped interviews with the President, where Trump acknowledged downplaying the severity of the crisis.

“They knew. They didn’t tell us.”

Whitmer said that deception cost lives.

Gretchen Whitmer, Governor of Michigan
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Governor Gretchen Whitmer is blasting the Trump administration’s refusal to allow an additional Affordable Care Act enrollment period. It would be for people who’ve lost other insurance coverage during the COVID-19 crisis.

Whitmer and 11 other governors sent a letter to the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services seeking the special enrollment period. The request was denied, as was a request to reconsider.

GRPD badge
Grand Rapids Police Department /

The Grand Rapids Police Department is investigating a weekend Assault and Battery case that has the potential to be classified as Ethnic Intimidation.

Early Sunday morning a taxi cab driver of East African decent flagged down a Grand Rapids police officer reporting he’d been assaulted several times by a rider yelling “Trump” during the attack.

Police returned to the location where the suspected attacker was dropped off. He was located, questioned and arrested for Assault and Battery.