SNN: Kenowa Hills Security

14 hours ago
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Kent County voters passed a 55-million dollar bond last year, enabling school districts to create stronger schools and stronger communities. One district is using those dollars to strengthen security.

Students in Kenowa Hills Public Schools are getting used to entering their buildings in a brand new way. Buzzer systems with updated features allow better communication between the person wanting in and the office staff who can open the doors.

SNN: GRPS U-Prep celebrates its 10 Anniversary

Oct 8, 2018
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Building a bridge between high school and higher education is one of the goals of an innovative approach to education in Grand Rapids. School News Network recently attended a tenth anniversary celebration for a partnership that’s putting students on a path to success.

When Chyna Figures was a sixth-grader at Grand Rapids University Preparatory Academy, she and her friend Maya Thompson agreed they wanted to start their own law firm someday. Now both in college, they’re still on track for that plan.

SNN: ArtPrize Student Entries

Sep 24, 2018
GRPS ArtPrize Filters
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ArtPrize 10 is underway and this year the global competition features the artwork of students from three Kent ISD school districts. Schools New Network reporters Erin Albanese and Charles Honey tracked them down discover what drove them to create.

In her eighth-grade art class at Byron Center High, Marie painted and sketched little portraits inside bottle caps. She came up with the idea to portray diversity, making each face unique and interesting. Her art teacher was so impressed she used Marie’s work as inspiration for a collaborative ArtPrize entry.

SNN: Wyoming Middle College

Sep 17, 2018
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This year, 65 sophomores started Middle College in Wyoming, up from 50 last year. About 150 students have graduated the program since it began. Lauren Kramer is planning to add her name to that list without spending a dime on a college degree. 

Outside her “Principles of Economics” class, Lauren Kramer adds up ways she’s benefiting from being a student at Wyoming High School AND Grand Rapids Community College.

SNN: Meet Your Principal

Aug 13, 2018
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Before you know it, another school year will be in full swing. Whether your students are attending the school they’re always gone to or entering a new environment, it’s good to know who’s in charge.

Assistant Principal Chris Bernard is a self-proclaimed sports nut. He also happens to love driving a Zamboni almost as much as he enjoys driving students to succeed.

SNN: Wyoming Class Library

Aug 6, 2018
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Sometimes all it takes is the right story….and one inspiring teacher…to turn students away from their phones and screens and onto a world between the covers of actual books. 

A Wyoming Junior High classroom is a testament to the power of words. English teacher Katie Sluiter’s encourages eighth-graders to choose from her library of 1,000 popular works. It’s a collection that keeps on growing.

SNN: Wyoming Summer Jobs

Jul 16, 2018
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Teen Outreach, which meets weekly during the school year, is helping students bridge the time between graduation and college in beneficial ways.

Zayveon Hymon is spending the summer on a construction crew, doing minor repairs, major projects and gaining valuable experience before moving on to college and careers. For Twenty hours a week he learns to use the tools of the trade and build his résumés alongside Dale Cross, owner of Wyoming-based Sarge Construction.

SNN: Kentwood Civic Camp

Jul 9, 2018
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The Declaration of Independence was signed two-hundred-and-forty-one years ago, making the USA an independent nation. An August event takes a deeper dive into that document and the laws of the land.

If you really want to understand what our nation’s forefathers had in mind when they got together to create the United States of America, an upcoming summer camp could be for you. Kentwood Public Schools and the Michigan Center for Civic Education are teaming up to offering a free summer workshop in August.

SNN: Summer Journal #1

Jul 5, 2018
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Ever wonder what teachers do after the last bell of the year rings? School News Network reports tracked some down to find out.

When do you see a public school teacher driving a Porsche? Most likely, when it’s somebody else’s Porsche. Lowell High School English teacher Jamie Christians has a couple summer gigs.

SNN: SmartArt Top 10

Jun 12, 2018
ArtPrize SmartArt Top 10 2018
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A $1,000 college scholarship from Consumers Energy will go to the top winner of this year’s SmartArt competition, a contest that stands for Students Making Art with a Renewable Theme. 

Watercolor wind turbines and pastel solar panels are some of the images and mediums used to create works of art with a renewal energy theme. They’re among the top ten finalists chosen in the sixth annual SmartArt competition. It’s a collaboration between Grand Rapids Public Schools, ArtPrize and Consumers Energy.