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Kent County along with health departments, healthcare providers and area universities are partnering with the launch of

“Thank you for checking out this website to learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine.”

Dr. Adam London is director of the Kent County Health Department.

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Michigan Education Association

A Michigan Education Association survey finds a majority of educators in Michigan have safety concerns and don't believe their schools will be able to return to in-person learning in January. It found 74% of educators prefer some level of virtual learning for now. Almost half of the 47,040 educators who responded to the survey said they felt their concerns were not addressed in their school district's plans for reopening or virtual learning. The state teachers' union wants to see this change and get teachers more involved in the decision making. The union has about 120,000 members.

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Kent County

The Kent County Board of Commissioners is releasing federal CARES Act dollars to Kent County schools for the purchase of safety supplies related to the coronavirus.

Kent County’s Public, Charter and Private Schools will receive $2 million dollars that can be used for offsetting the cost of implementing safety measures related to COVID-19.

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Michigan legislators gave final approval Monday to bills that would provide flexibility for K-12 schools as they prepare to open amid the coronavirus pandemic, waiving physical attendance and minimum instruction requirements to allow for remote classes.

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The Big Ten and Pac-12 conferences won't play football this fall because of concerns about COVID-19. The decisions take two of college football's five power conferences out of a crumbling season amid the pandemic. The Big Ten's announcement that it was postponing all fall sports and hoping to make them up in the second semester came first. An hour later, the Pac-12 called a news conference to say that all sports in its conference would be paused until Jan. 1, including basketball.

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Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Thursday extended her mask requirement to include many children who attend day care and camps, saying the step is necessary to ensure that such facilities can remain open and safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

Previously, child care centers and camps were exempt from her order to wear a face covering inside enclosed public spaces and crowded outdoor places, though masks had been highly recommended at camps when small groups cross paths and cannot socially distance.

Kent ISD
Kent ISD

The results are in, and with the majority of parents surveyed, the Kent Intermediate School District has drafted its School Re-entry Plan for navigating the coronavirus pandemic this fall.

More than 30,000 parents responded to the Kent Intermediate Superintendents’ Association School Re-entry Survey.

“Almost 90% of the parents who responded to the survey believe that in-person instruction is the very best option in terms of a quality educational experience for their child.”

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Woodland Mall is reopening June 1st by appointment only.

The roadmap to safely reopening Woodland Mall’s 23-million square feet involves gathering information from shopping center operators reopening overseas and from peers in other states. It’s taking guidance from the Centers for Disease Control as well as state and local health departments implementing best practices.

“We’ve limited access to the shopping center so we can watch the patrons come in and out, so we can offer them masks if they don’t have one.”

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Michigan Senate /

A commission that oversees the Michigan Capitol voted Monday to further study the issue of banning guns from the building, days before another scheduled protest against the governor’s restrictions to curb the coronavirus.

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Dana Nessel

Michigan’s Attorney General is asking home improvement stores strictly abide by the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” executive order.

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The summer weekend festival season is in full-swing across Michigan. After two mass shooting incidents involving festivals in New York and California that left three people dead and 24 injured, one local security consultant has some safety advice.

“Unfortunately, the goal of an attack like the one you saw in California is to get as many victims as possible.”

A public gathering, a festival held outdoors, making it difficult to secure.

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Buds not bullets.

Boxes that could be used to store ammunition instead are being given away to store marijuana in three Michigan counties.

The Branch-Hillsdale-St. Joseph Community Health Agency is using a grant to purchase more than 500 lock boxes and provide educational materials to keep marijuana away from children. The boxes will be distributed at no charge.

firefighter helmet and axes

Heavy snows along with freezing and sub-freezing temperatures are gripping West Michigan.

Should the power go, some residents have turned to using natural gas generators. Although they are efficient and cost-effect, the State Fire Marshal wants them to be used safely.

When the power goes out the lights go out and the heat turns off. If you’ve invested in a natural gas generator to power up your home in the event of an emergency, Michigan’s Fire Marshal Kevin Sehlmeyer explains you need to keep safety in mind when using natural gas equipment.

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Governor Gretchen Whitmer has issued her first executive directive as Michigan’s governor. The directive requires state department employees to report threats to public health, safety or welfare up the chain of command. And it requires those threats to be investigated.

Governor Whitmer signed the directive while flanked by employees of the Department of Environmental Quality. That’s a department that has faced reports of low morale and that came under the microscope in the wake of the Flint water crisis. Whitmer says this isn’t about just one department –

Michigan's first school safety reform since the Parkland, Florida, mass shooting has passed the House.

Lawmakers on Tuesday advanced a bipartisan five-bill package to create a school safety commission under the state police. The commission would pioneer statewide safety standards for school buildings, grade them based on new metrics and provide funds for campuses that need upgrades.