Rick Pluta

succo via Pixabay | CC BY 2.0 / Pixabay.com

The future of a judge accused of misconduct is now waiting on a decision from the Michigan Supreme Court. The case includes allegations of an improper romance with a police detective, and lying to protect her career.

“Hear ye, hear ye, the chief justice and the justices of the Supreme Court."

Judge Theresa Brennan was not at the Supreme Court hearing in a case that will determine whether she can remain on the bench in Livingston County. The Supreme Court must now decide whether to uphold a recommendation that would force Brennan off the bench.

A state GOP leader is being removed from her party position because she won’t support Republican nominee Donald Trump for president. Michigan Republican grassroots vice chair Wendy Lynn Day is the liaison between the party and the Tea Party movement.

Day was elected at a state party convention last year. She supported Senator Ted Cruz in the primary but has publicly said she can’t back Trump, whom she does not consider a true Republican.