Tuesday, October 2nd @ 9:00 on WGVU Public Television, PBS FRONTLINE kicks of its 2018 season with Trump’s Showdown revealing how an investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election has grown to threaten Donald Trump’s presidency.

“We try to lay it out so that you can remember and see it all in one place, and all of a sudden it in some ways it makes more sense because you’re seeing it all connected together.”

Jim Gilmore is a reporter and producer of Trump’s Showdown.


In the decade since the Great Recession, many American cities and towns have bounced back. But for some small and mid-size cities that were once hubs for innovation and manufacturing, economic recovery has remained elusive. In Left Behind America, FRONTLINE and ProPublica reporter Alec MacGillis ask why — and presents an in-depth look at Dayton, Ohio, chronicling the lives and struggles of Dayton’s working poor as they chase the American dream in the new American economy.

WGVU talks with MacGillis about Midwestern economic revitalization.


Tuesday, September 11th at 10 o’clock, WGVU Public Television and PBS FRONTLINE presents “Left Behind America”.

“It really is very representative of a whole swath of small and midsized cities across the Midwest.”

ProPublica reporter Alec MacGillis found himself in Dayton, Ohio during the 2016 Presidential campaign.

Jane Bryant Quinn

Feb 20, 2016 / Oblong Books

Emmy award-winning reporter Jane Bryant Quinn has written the book, How To Make Your Money Last.
We speak with Jane about finances and more.