Lake Michigan
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The International Association for Great Lakes Research has released its findings that cleaning up the most polluted areas of the Great Lakes has the most significant economic impact.

Our waters are for drinking, fishing and transportation. In the 1970’s, industry used and abused those waters. It got so bad, four American rivers caught fire. The Clean Waters Act was passed in 1972. Over the last 15 to 20 years, the U.S. Congress has budget roughly $20 billion for Great Lakes restoration.

FDA finds PFAS in foods

Jun 11, 2019
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While potentially toxic chemicals have been discovered in dozens of drinking water supplies across the state of Michigan, a recent report by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration found that a number of grocery store bought foods might also be contaminated.

According to the FDA’s findings, Polyfluoroalkyl substances, commonly called “PFAS,” were found in various packaged foods….some even registering over 250 times higher than what has been “deemed safe” to eat by the Environmental Protection Agency.

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Special counsel Robert Mueller did not find evidence that President Donald Trump's campaign "conspired or coordinated" with Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election. West Michigan’s U.S. Congressional leaders are offering their perspective on the findings.

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The new director of the Michigan Department of Transportation says at least $1.5 billion more is needed to improve the condition of state highways, nearly double what is now being spent.

Paul Ajegba disclosed the figure in his advice-and-consent hearing before a Senate committee Tuesday. He bases it on a 2016 infrastructure report done for former Gov. Rick Snyder, a Republican.

John Austin,

The world is experiencing a new industrial transformation. A new report by the Michigan Economic Center says the state is positioned to grow hundreds of businesses and tens of thousands of new jobs. WGVU talks with the report’s lead author about how Michigan can be a leader in emerging sectors.

“We benefited and helped lead one economic transformation, the great industrial economy.”

John Austin is Director of the Michigan Economic Center and lead author of a new report, “Jobs, Michigan, and Leadership in the Economy of Tomorrow”

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Fans of rap-metal music group Insane Clown Posse have lost an appeal to have an FBI report scrubbed of language referring to them as a gang.

The group's fans are known as Juggalos. They're upset that a 2011 report given to Congress describes Juggalos as a "loosely organized hybrid gang." The fans filed a lawsuit in Detroit, blaming the report for harassment by police.

GVSU President Tom Haas
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During a recent Grand Rapids Rotary Club luncheon, Dr. Thomas Haas, Chair of Michigan’s 21st Century Education Commission and President of Grand Valley State University explained Michigan students are underperforming.

Haas spoke with WGVU about the report and the commission tasked with making recommendations for revamping the state’s education delivery system.

Report: Ann Arbor is nation's most educated

Jul 26, 2017

According to a report by finance website WalletHub, Ann Arbor has earned the title of most educated city in the nation. The report released Tuesday, gave Ann Arbor an overall score of 95.09, some twenty points higher than Washington DC, which came in at second place.

Immigrants are powering Michigan’s economic recovery, and President Donald Trump’s immigration policy is sending the wrong message to those considering Michigan as a place to attend college or start a business. That’s according to a report released by the Michigan Economic Center.

Brian G. Long, director of Supply Management Research in the Seidman College of Business at Grand Valley State University

West Michigan’s economy continued to outperform during the month of May. WGVU breaks down the latest Supply Management Research survey.

The employment rate across much of West Michigan is a clear sign of economic strength.

“When we have Ottawa County at 2.1 percent unemployment and all of Kent County at 2.4 percent unemployment we have to conclude that the employment situation has improved and the unemployment situation is much, much better than it was at the peak of this recession.”