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Governor Whitmer announced last week construction could begin again on May 7th. She says now the state will study if cases of COVID-19 begin to increase again when some sectors of the economy return to work. 

“It’s really important that between each of these moments where we reengage another sector that we have some time go by so we can assess. Is COVID-19 starting to rise in a particular area again, or not? Is it safe to turn the knob for the next step?”  

Governor Gretchen Whitmer is expected to outline plans tomorrow  to lift some travel restrictions and to allow some businesses to resume operating – even if it’s at just partial capacity.

Many Republicans in the Legislature have been unhappy with how Whitmer’s used her authority during the COVID-19 crisis. GOP leaders have called a special Friday session to vote on measures to place new restrictions on her emergency powers.

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Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer says she hopes to begin reopening parts of the state's economy on May 1 that have been shut down many weeks to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. Whitmer didn't specifically identify which businesses may be allowed to open but said Friday that relaxing restrictions will come in phases. Her stay-at-home order is among the nation's toughest in a state hard hit by the pandemic and prompted a protest at the Michigan Capitol. The order is scheduled to expire April 30. Whitmer made her comments during a tele-town hall with the Detroit Regional Chamber.