A report from the Michigan Auditor General says there should have been more controls over how  millions of dollars in COVID-19 response funds is spent. But the same report also says the spending overall has been “appropriate.”

The report focused on government credit cards that were shared between state employees to buy emergency supplies. That made it harder to track who was buying what, and there was one case of purchased personal protective equipment that was never delivered.

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In the absence of a federal COVID-19 relief bill, Governor Gretchen Whitmer has asked the Legislature to approve a 400  million COVID package before the end of the year.

The governor just asked the Legislature for 300 million dollars on top of an earlier 100  million dollar request.
Kurt Weiss is with the state budget office. He says the state needs to set up a vaccine distribution system, and more contact  tracing, and to help hospitals, businesses and families with the immediate crisis.

As heavy rains continue to flood Texas and Louisiana in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, a Muskegon based kayak company is helping with rescue efforts. Based in Muskegon, KL Outdoor is the largest manufacturer of kayaks in the world, and on Tuesday, 2000 kayaks were being put on trucks headed for Texas and Louisiana to assist in flooding relief and rescue efforts of so many caught in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. 

The American Red Cross is out to change the face of disaster relief. We discuss this with Gail McGovern, CEO and President.