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GOP Presidential candidate, and Ted Cruz V.P. running mate, Carly Fiorina is in Grand Rapids this evening. The former HP CEO is keynote speaker at Monday night’s Kent County GOP 2016 Lincoln Day Dinner.

During Monday night’s annual dinner its expected Fiorina will talk about the impacts and successes of women leaders in the Republican Party.

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The Presidential election is less than eight weeks away, and Lansing-based Epic-MRA has released its September statewide poll of 600 registered Michigan voters.

The poll says Democrat Hilary Clinton currently holds a slight lead over Republican Donald Trump, but that lead falls within the 4 percent margin of error.

Epic-MRA says its September survey was conducted by live interviewers, and 30 percent of participants were contacted by cellphone. They were asked a series of questions including a favorable or unfavorable opinion of the candidates. 

Polling station
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Michigan voters will continue to have the option of using one mark on the ballot to support a political party’s entire slate of candidates in November.

The U.S. Supreme Court has denied Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette’s request to reverse two lower courts and allow a ban on straight-ticket voting to take effect.

Mark Brewer is one the attorneys who challenged Michigan’s ban on straight-ticket voting. He called it a victory for voters.

Polling station
Hilary Farrell

State Republican leaders are still waiting to see if a federal appeals court will restore Michigan’s ban on straight-ticket voting.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette had asked for a decision from the entire court by Wednesday.

With no word, state elections officials are making preparations to finalize the ballot by the end of next week.

Jennifer Granholm
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Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm has emerged as one of the top campaign surrogates for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Granholm has been a Clinton supporter since her first presidential run in 2008. Now, she’s been named a co-chair of the Clinton transition team.

Granholm spoke with Michigan Public Radio’s state Capitol bureau chief, Rick Pluta, about her responsibilities and the presidential campaign.

File photo: Supporters wave campaign signs at an August Donald Trump rally in Dimondale, MI.
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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is boosting his presence in Michigan. Michigan's campaign for Republican presidential nominee.

Donald Trump is expanding from one to seven senior staffers.

Dave Doyle is the Executive Vice President for Marketing Resource Group. He says this is a big commitment to Michigan and shows that the campaign sees Michigan as a battleground state.

“The important thing is the expansion of the staff,” he says. “They’ve basically gone from a one man operation to seven people. So that’s again pretty significant.”

Michigan Republicans have not given up on efforts to keep Democrat Melissa Gilbert on the November ballot despite her wishes and those of her party.

A state elections board declined a GOP request to launch a closer review of whether her request to exit the 8th Congressional District race is sincere, or meant to simply bail on a campaign where she stumbled time and time again.

The former child star of Little House on the Prairie won the uncontested Democratic primary, but now says painful back and neck troubles make her unable to campaign or serve if elected.

Jennifer Granholm
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Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm will have a key role in democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s potential move into the White House.

The Clinton campaign announced Tuesday that Granholm is a co-chair on Clinton’s transition team.

Much like the old saying about raising a child, it takes a village to transition a person from candidate to president. It’s a process that starts long before a winner is even announced.

Donald Trump campaign photo; Cheyna Roth / donaldjtrump.com; Michigan Public Radio Network

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton were both in Michigan this month to deliver speeches on their plans for the economy.

But they both presented different pictures of the state of things here in Michigan, where the auto industry and manufacturing tanked during the Great Recession. 

So, what’s the state of the recovery here in Michigan? Michigan Public Radio’s Lansing bureau chief, Rick Pluta, asked an expert – Michigan State University economics professor Charlie Ballard.

Donald Trump is scheduled to hold a campaign rally near Lansing later this week. 

The Republican presidential candidate will rally supporters Friday afternoon at the Summit Sports and Ice Complex in Eaton County's Windsor Township.

It is Trump's second visit to Michigan in as many weeks, following his economic speech in Detroit last week.

The public can request tickets on a first-come, first-served basis on Trump's campaign website.