Less than 24-hours after Republican presidential candidates verbally spared during a Thursday night debate in Detroit, two presidential political strategists, Karl Rove and Jim Messina, were in Grand Rapids for the Michigan Political Leadership Program. What do they make of the field of candidates and their chances in Tuesday’s Michigan Primary?

You may have heard by now this is Super Tuesday when voters in 13 states take part in primaries and caucuses. Michigan voters will need to wait a week until March 8th. How’s the Republican race shaping up here?

WGVU breaks down polling data from Lansing-based Target-Insight that shows Donald Trump with a commanding lead.

Michigan Republicans will vote in large numbers March 8th. Of the 400 registered Republicans surveyed by Target-Insyght, 90% said they are almost certain to cast a primary vote.

A former state lawmaker forced out of office in a sex scandal says criminal charges against him are "nonsensical" and "political."


The Presidential primaries continue tomorrow, again in South Carolina and Nevada. For Republican candidates, and voters, it’s often asked who best exemplifies the leadership quality of Ronald Reagan? Reagan biographer, H. W. Brands recently visited Grand Valley State University’s Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies. WGVU’s asks Brands how Reagan would fare in this year’s Presidential primary season?

“Could Reagan win the Republican nomination today? Could Reagan win election today?”


After his Allendale campaign stop, Kasich headed to East Lansing talking with Michigan State University students there.

Republican presidential candidate John Kasich explains young voters should be discriminating when it comes to evaluating candidates in the presidential race, in particular democratic candidates. Kasich said that’s because the U.S. is "not a socialist country."

It was an apparent shot from the Ohio governor at Democratic contender Bernie Sanders, who also campaigned in Michigan Monday.


Thursday night from Milwaukee the PBS NewsHour Democratic Debate will be aired live beginning at 9:00 on WGVU-HD and WGVU-FM. With two contests in the books, what should voters be listening for from candidates Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders? WGVU spoke with two local political scientists to find out.

The Iowa Caucuses and New Hampshire primary are in the books. What does it mean heading into tonight’s debate?

“So I think the first two contests in Iowa and New Hampshire have clarified the Democratic field and Bernie Sanders is a legitimate contender.”

Michigan Senate approves bill to ban fully-nude bars

Feb 10, 2016

Michigan would strip state liquor licenses from bars offering fully-nude entertainment under a bill passed by the state Senate.

The bill approved Wednesday is sponsored by Republican Senator Rick Jones of Grand Ledge and wouldn't affect liquor licenses for topless bars.

Jones says the bill is intended to protect nude dancers and suggested that they're in greater danger in fully-nude bars.

He says the legislation also is needed to make sure Michigan remains a tourism-friendly state.


Four years ago, Business Leaders for Michigan unveiled its Michigan Turnaround Plan. The idea was to formulate a strategy jump starting the Michigan economy following the Great Recession. Four years later, BLM claims there’s been improvement and now it’s time to move the state to higher economic strata. It wants to position the state to a “Top Ten” economic power by the year 2020. How does it plan to get there?

“If you look back we were probably 50 out of 50 states on most measures. Today, we’re about average. Maybe a little below average than most.”

NPR Morning Edition and WGVU wrap up our week-long series focusing on the Five Big Themes influencing the upcoming presidential election. So far we’ve explored voter mood, the middle-class squeeze, the economy and how the President’s approval rating may - or may not - motivate voters at the polls.

Today, we break down the country’s demographics and voter behavior.  WGVU spoke with a Michigan pollster and political scientist along with a nationally known political observer.