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During his speech at the Republican National Convention, Indiana Governor Mike Pence joked that most people probably don’t know him. 

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Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette has taken the first step to appeal a court decision that lifted the state’s ban on voters using the straight-ticket option to vote for an entire party’s slate of candidates on the November ballot.

Schuette’s office filed a notice with the US Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals is in the works.

The state’s legal team is working on a motion to block the judge’s order in time to get ballots printed in the fashion that Republicans would prefer – without the straight-ticket option for voters.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence.
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Republican Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence will make campaign stops in two Michigan cities on Thursday.

Local organizers say the Indiana governor will be in the Grand Rapids area on Thursday for a town hall-type event.

Pence will also make an appearance in southeast Michigan.

The state GOP announced the Indiana governor’s visit on Monday evening.

The trip marks Pence's first public appearances in Michigan since being named to the ticket earlier this month.

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump will also be in the Midwest this week.


Flint Mayor Karen Weaver, Mayor Mike Duggan of Detroit, and former Governor Jennifer Granholm are on the speakers list for the Democratic National Convention.

The three politicians are supporting presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton, and some say they also want to promote the needs of their cities.

Duggan said in a statement that a continuing partnership with Clinton will help continue Detroit’s progress.

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Jul 15, 2016

We get a Viewer's Guide to the 2016 National Political Conventions this coming week, the RNC. PBS NewsHour correspondent Lisa Desjardins shares details.

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About 80 people attended a bipartisan meet-the-candidates event at Wealthy Theatre on Monday night.

Each candidate had about two minutes to introduce themselves, their platform summary and a memorable slogan.

The various offices they’re running for range from state representative to county commission.

Kent County Black Caucus Chairman Bryan Blakely is one of the organizers of the bipartisan event.

"The goal of this event was to educate people more on the candidates. Who's running for what office?"

A federal judge has told the state it cannot enforce a law that says unions can’t use payroll deductions to collect donations to union-operated political funds.

The bill was adopted last year on party-line votes by the Republican-led Legislature and signed by Governor Rick Snyder.

But a federal judge says it appears to violate both free speech and collective bargaining rights.

Also, the ban on payroll deductions applies to unions’ political fundraising, but corporations could still use payrolls deductions for corporate-run political committees.

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The state House GOP leader has called for an amendment to the Michigan Constitution. 

House Speaker Kevin Cotter wants to make it easier to fire state civil service employees.

Kevin Cotter says the amendment was not created specifically with the Flint water crisis in mind – although that’s the sort of situation it’s supposed to address.

"The package that we’ve introduced is all about smarter government, and how we can make state government work better for the people."

The Republican-controlled state Senate has approved legislation to make it illegal to pay someone to distribute or sell fetal tissue in Michigan.

Senators approved the pair of bills Wednesday in a 26-10 vote along party lines.

Democrats say such payments already are illegal.

Republican bill sponsor Phil Pavlov of St. Clair told fellow lawmakers that the bills send a strong message that "baby parts are not for sale in Michigan."


GOP Presidential candidate front runner Donald Trump is making claims the delegate system is unfair as a part of the nominating process. The rules state the party nominee must reach 1,237 delegates to be the party nominee. WGVU spoke with a political strategist and a political commentator about Trump’s complaint and what it means heading into the GOP National Convention.

“The rules are the rules.”

That’s NPR and ABC News political commentator and author, Cokie Roberts, who was in Grand Rapids Wednesday commemorating first lady Betty Ford’s 98th birthday.