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Family, friends and a former U.S. President gathered at Grand Rapids’ LaGrave Avenue Christian Reformed Church celebrating the life of philanthropist, Amway co-founder and owner of the NBA’s Orlando Magic, Richard M. Devos who recently passed away at the age of 92.

“C.S. Lewis claimed that a careful study of history would reveal that Heavenly minded people like Rich make a great deal of difference in the world.”

Reverend Dr. Stanley Mast spoke of the four values dear to Richard M. Devos; philanthropy, freedom, family and faith.

Grand Valley State University has completed what school officials are calling “the first step in expanding the school’s health campus in downtown Grand Rapids.”

Wayne State University has reached a $750 million fundraising campaign goal three months early.

A $2.1 million gift from the estate of Jacqueline Walker, who graduated from Wayne State's law school in 1954, put the "Pivotal Moments" campaign over the threshold. The school says Walker wanted her gift to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Jaun Olivarez
Grand Valley State University

Shifting U.S. demographics is impacting how the nonprofit sector serves communities. As communities diversify there’s a growing awareness and need for philanthropy to diversify with it. A new hire at the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy at Grand Valley State University whose role is working toward understanding societal impacts and change in the nonprofit sector.

Juan Olivarez served as President of Grand Rapids Community College for nearly a decade and six years as president of Aquinas College. He’s known for his expertise in education and nonprofit leadership.

Guests from the Johnson Center for Philanthropy join us today to talk about their new podcast, Field Notes in Philanthropy. We talk to Tory Martin and Matthew Downey.

Episode 2: Sittin’ Here on Capitol Hill

Philanthropy and policymaking came head-to-head in national conversations this winter during the tax overhaul debates. Among many others, foundation leaders and associations jumped in to advocate on behalf of the charitable sector. But many foundations have the means, the expertise, and the will to shape other kinds of public policy – the kinds that shape our communities, governance, and daily lives.

Episode 1: The Evolution of Philanthropy

When the Greek titan Prometheus stole fire from the gods to give it to the struggling human race, Zeus accused him of being a “philanthropos tropos” – a being who loves humans. 

Nonprofit Navigation

Dec 15, 2017
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The Johnson Center for Philanthropy joins us for our regular Nonprofit Navigation discussion. Today, special guests Dr. Salvatore Alaimo, Brittany Gray and Shatha Abu Srour discuss SPNHA Research. / Grand Valley State University

Ralph D. Hauenstein, the son of philanthropist Ralph W. Hauenstein carried out his late father’s wishes Monday announcing financial gifts to three West Michigan institutions.

“I think his life was exemplary of where he’s placed his fortune. Represented here are the mind, the body and the soul and the health of all three,” said Brian Hauenstein, the Grandson of philanthropist Colonel Ralph W. Hauenstein who passed away in January 2016.

New research shows that individuals pooling their resources in what are known as giving circles focusing on a mutual charitable interest are promoting more diversity in philanthropy.

Since giving circles emerged 10 years ago across the United States they have grown to roughly 150,000 people bestowing $1.29 billion supporting charitable organizations.