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WGVU is airing FRONTLINE's two-part series Putin's Revenge Wednesday, October 25th and Wednesday, November 1st @ 10 PM. We talk with writer and producer Mark Wiser about Putin's Revenge: Part 1.

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The retail giant Amazon is looking for a second home. That could mean thousands of jobs and a new economic anchor for a city. While cities like Denver and Atlanta are competing, leaders in some smaller cities think they have a shot - if only they can get Amazon's attention.

Marshall opens in theaters, telling the story of the early years of Thurgood Marshall, the first African American Supreme Court Justice.  The Foreigner also opens, starring Jackie Chan and the horror flick Happy Death Day.  WGVU talks with Jenny Garone from Celebration Cinema


The Third Annual Conservative Clean Energy Summit was held in Washington D.C. October 5th. Keith den Hollander, head of the Christian Coalition of Michigan tells about the event.

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West Michigan employers tackle tech talent shortage and look for new ways to get a handle on health benefit costs.


Wednesday, October 4th at 10PM WGVU-TV is airing the FRONTLINE film North Korea's Deadly Dictator.

We talk with its producer, Jane McMullen" about what North Korean leader Kim Jong-un wants, his worldview and his chemical and nuclear capabilities.

Mark Sanchez
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How the new $88 million Michigan State University Grand Rapids Research Center will impact the local economy and a look at how family-owned businesses preserve their legacy.


The Oktoberfest bier is a Marzen style. WGVU Digital Studios travels to Cedar Springs Brewing Company to learn more about its history and how this German classic is brewed.

Retired Engineer keeps Romanian music alive in Grand Rapids

Sep 12, 2017

Constantin Calin is a retired mechanical engineer, who at the age of 76 is keeping the musical tradition of Romania alive.  Calin was born and raised in Romania, and worked as an engineer in Libya and Iraq and retired from the Amway Grand Hotel at the age of 62.  He's composed over 300 pieces of music, many of which have been featured on Romanian radio stations.  WGVU has this feature interview.

It leads the Hollywood movies opening this week

Sep 8, 2017

Stephen King's It is the big Hollywood movie opening, along with Reese Witherspoon returning in Home Again, plus a new slate of indie films.  WGVU breaks it all down with Jenny Garone from Celebration Cinema.