Michigan Public Service Commission

Regulated utilities in Michigan have agreed to extend service shut-off protections, flexible payment plans and other options offered to customers struggling with bills due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Michigan Public Service Commission says the extensions will go through mid-June.

Jackson-based Consumers Energy and Detroit-based DTE Energy have extended protections through June 12, following Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s stay-at-home order extension.

MPSC warns of a new phone scam

Nov 20, 2019

Officials are warning the public about a new phone scam targeting utility customers. The Michigan Public Service Commission is urging people to be on the alert as incidents of scammers posing as gas and electric companies are on the rise.

The way the con works is this: The scammers manipulate one’s caller ID to make it seem as though a utility company is making the call. The fake bill collector on the other end then threatens to shut-off their gas or power if payment isn’t immediately made.   

Natural gas flame photo

Regulators say Michigan's energy supply and delivery systems are adequate to meet demand, but improvements should be made after extreme winter weather led to electric and natural gas emergencies.

The state Public Service Commission this week submitted an initial 247-page energy assessment to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who requested it after the Jan. 30-31 polar vortex.

DTE Energy logo

Michigan utility regulators have approved a rate increase for DTE Energy's electric customers - amounting to roughly $6 more a month for residents - but less than what the utility sought.

The Michigan Public Service Commission on Thursday approved a $273 million increase which is roughly $203 million less than what the Detroit-based utility had requested. Commissioners also denied DTE's request to assess a charge for customers who have installed renewable energy projects.

The Michigan Public Service Commission has approved a nearly $9 million rate increase for DTE Gas Co. to invest in infrastructure, speed up the removal of inside gas meters and to spend more on its low-income assistance and self-sufficiency programs.

The increase approved Thursday compares with an $85 million annual increase DTE sought in its original request last November. It later adjusted that to $38 million.

Residential customers using an average of 10,000 cubic feet of natural gas per month will see a monthly increase of 95 cents, beginning with their October bills.

The Michigan Public Service Commission is deciding whether ending a nuclear power purchase contract would be a cost-saving decision for energy customers. 

The commission held back-to-back public meetings Monday in Lawrence, Michigan, to focus on Consumers Energy's plan to terminate a 15-year contract with Entergy that began in 2007 after the latter company announced plans to shut down its Palisades Nuclear Power Plant in 2018.

The original agreement let Consumers purchase nearly all of the power Palisades generates through 2022.

Consumers Energy

Michigan regulators have authorized Consumers Energy to raise its electricity rates effective next week.

The rates approved Tuesday are less than what the utility "self-implemented" in September, so customers will see a refund plus interest.

But the rates are 2.8 percent, or $113 million, more than those set in Consumers Energy's last rate case in November 2015.

The utility had sought a rate increase of $225 million and had self-implemented a $170 million hike.

Electric power lines.
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Michigan utilities have met a target of generating one-tenth of the state’s electricity using wind, solar, and other renewable resources.

There’s a new goal, but that could be challenged this year in the Legislature.

An energy package adopted last year sets a new 15 percent goal. And a report by the Michigan Public Service Commission says utilities are well positioned to meet the target.

But the renewable mandate has its critics. They include Republican state Representative Gary Glenn. He chairs the House Energy Committee.

Electric power lines.
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Electricity rates are going up for Upper Peninsula residents who already pay the highest rates in Michigan.

Regulators on Thursday approved an annual rate increase of $4.6 million for Upper Peninsula Power.

It means a residential customer using 500 kilowatt hours a month will pay $7.63 more per month, an increase of 6.8 percent.

Before the rate increase, Upper Peninsula Power customers were paying about 67 percent more than the Michigan average.

Regulators OK increased electric rates at Consumers Energy

Nov 19, 2015
light bulb

LANSING, Mich. (AP) - The average residential customer of Consumers Energy will pay $1.28 a month more for electricity under a new rate increase. The Michigan Public Service Commission Thursday authorized Consumers to raise power rates by $130 million annually, effective Dec. 1, less than $199 million the utility sought. Average customers will pay $1.28 more, until the utility buys a natural gas-fired plant in Jackson.