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Feliciano Paredes

"We are at a point right now where the shortage in the agricultural industry is really causing a lot of issues across the whole, like in the agricultural ecosystem, like the dairy, the specialty crop which are those crops that require a lot of hand harvesting." 

That is Feliciano Paredes, who remembers traveling for several days in the back of his parent's truck in search of agricultural seasonal work from Texas to Michigan. 

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Guests from the Michigan Farm Bureau join us each month.  Jason Scramlin join us today. Jason is a 3rd Generation Farmer and  Michigan Farm Bureau's Regional Representative for West Michigan. We discuss his role and the role of the Farmer Veteran Coalition.

Michigan Farm Bureau

Aug 16, 2016
Michigan Farm Bureau

We delve into local farming each month on the Morning Show. Today's guest is Tony McCaul. Tony joins us to discuss the Careerline Tech Center, the Michigan Farm Bureau and more.