Michigan Author

Stories of Elders

Sep 24, 2018

Author Veronica Kirin joins us to talk about the release of her book, ‘Stories of Elders.’

Peg Cochran

Sep 5, 2018

Local bestselling author Peg Cochran joins us to discuss her latest in the mystery genre, ‘Murder, She Reported.’

Tony Rubleski

Aug 22, 2018

Author and Motivational Speaker Tony Rubleski returns to TMS to discuss his latest work, ‘Trailblazers:  Leadership Lessons from 12 Pioneers Who Beat the Odds and Influenced Millions.’

Julie Beekman

Jul 30, 2018

Grand Haven native and author Julie Beekman joins TMS to talk about her latest work, ‘Two Trees, A Memoir.’ Julie will be book signing at the Bookman this Thursday.

Skot Welch, CEO of Global Bridgebuilders, joins us to talk about his book 101Ways to Enjoy the Mosaic, providing an engaging and fun guide to cultural competency.

Author Shannon Cohen

Jun 15, 2018

Local Business Woman and Author Shannon Cohen joins us to talk about her book ‘Tough Skin, Soft Heart,’ adding to her startup of a new multi-level enterprise.

On the Rebound

Jun 11, 2018

We introduce ‘On the Rebound,’ a book coauthored by Will Ellermets and Susan Maciak. The book is about a student losing all hope, only to find purpose in life. Both authors join us in studio.

Local author Sheila Solomon Shotwell and Melissa Fox from the Greater Grand Rapids Women’s History Council join us to discuss the book ‘Gone Before Spring’ in advance of a GRPL discussion.

No Stray Bullets

May 25, 2018

Ruth Price has written a book about her son, GySgt Daniel J. Price called ‘No Stray Bullets,’ a book that instills a deep respect for our servicemen and women.  Ruth joins us this morning.

Kristin Brace

Apr 26, 2018

Local author Kristin Brace joins us to discuss her first book, ‘Fence, Patio, Blessed Virgin,’ a chapbook of poems centered around a love one.