Laura Cox

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An Ann Arbor businessman was elected leader of the Michigan Republican Party on Saturday, taking the reins for a third time despite last-minute efforts to derail his candidacy.

Ron Weiser and co-chair Meshawn Maddock got 66% of the vote during an online convention, the party said.

“The skirmishes of yesterday are over,” Weiser said in a written statement, adding that he will focus on defeating Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and other ”far-left radicals” in 2022.

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Anti-government graffiti was painted on the Michigan Republican Party headquarters amid debate over a possible nationwide immigration sweep to deport people living the United States illegally.

State party officials say they discovered the graffiti, which included an expletive and the acronym "ICE" for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, on the front of the Lansing building Saturday evening. They reported it to Lansing police, who say it's believed to have been painted early Saturday.