Janice Holst

School News Network: Kent City Yoga Radio

Feb 6, 2020
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Middle schoolers in Kent City are learning to control their emotions through yoga, which they practice regularly.

As educators look for ways to help children cope with stress, high on the list of is having students experience the ancient practice of yoga.

In a Kent City Middle School classroom for students with emotional challenges, School social worker Dan Sullivan leads the group in traditional Yoga poses at least once a week.

Improving classroom management and educational gains from doing yoga is researched based, he said

School News Network: Sparta Interior Design

Dec 11, 2019
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Students in Sparta are designing and creating 3D printed items, thanks to a donation from a local foundation and innovative teaching.

Seventh grader Annabelle doesn’t plan to become a design engineer, but finds the new design class at Sparta Middle School useful for her intended career in interior design. “I love moving furniture around and figuring out what should go where,” she said.

The class - made possible by Sparta Education Foundation’s purchase of a 3D printer -- isn’t just for fun; it is teaching real life skills.