Homeless Man
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Partnering to End Homelessness, monthly speaking to guests representing organizations united for this cause. Today we talk about youth homelessness with Lauren VanKeulen of 3:11 Youth Housing and Adrienne Goodstal of Mel Trotter.

Homeless Man
Garry Knight / Homeless by a Wall - Flickr

A Michigan agency is seeking public comment on a proposed set of minimum standards for providing legal defense to people who can't afford attorneys.

The standards involve matters such as education and training for attorneys, the initial client interview, retaining experts and investigators, and the first appearance before a judge.

The Michigan Indigent Defense Commission has submitted the proposals to the state Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

Grand Rapids offering day work for homeless

Feb 6, 2017

Grand Rapids Officials are partnering with a homeless outreach organization Next Step of West Michigan to offer people holding signs and asking for a handout a chance to work for the day instead. The pilot program began in Albuquerque, New Mexico and has been so successful that Grand Rapids Mayor Roslynn Bliss decided to give it a try here. Next Step program director Jonathan Peerboom says he was skeptical at first, but 90 percent of the people who are offered the work jump at the chance to take it.

Homeless Man
Garry Knight / Homeless by a Wall - Flickr

Partnering to End Homelessness. We speak with Mel Trotter Ministries’ Nancy Bonin and Janice Keesman, along with GVSU's Nancy Schoofs from the Nursing Faculty.

Our Partnering to End Homelessness segment. Today's guests from Arbor Circle and Mel Trotter join us to discuss addiction recovery.  We welcome Adrienne Goodstal and Emmy Ellis.

Partnering to End Homelessness is a new regular segment on the show. Our guests today are from Family Promise and Mel Trotter.

Robert Lupton

Oct 10, 2016
Mel Trotter

Mel Trotter Ministries presents their Season of Hope gala this week, with keynote Robert Lupton, author of ‘Toxic Charity.’ We talk to Bob this morning.

Degage Ministries
Dégagé Ministries / degageministries.org

Bob Kreter from Dégagé Ministries joins us to talk about Dégagé’s  ArtPrize exhibit and how the organization suggests visitors handle encounters with panhandlers.

Michigan capitol building
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  A restraining order blocking a Lansing hotel from evicting dozens of homeless people will remain in place as a judge hears the case.

The Lansing State Journal reports that a hearing started Tuesday in Ingham County Circuit Court and will resume at a later date.

Mayor Virg Bernero declared a housing emergency after Magnuson Hotel management informed people living there that it would close for renovations.

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Some help is on the way for Michigan’s homeless, as areas of Lansing, Detroit and Berrien County receive funding to fight chronic homelessness. 

The federal government is giving Michigan $4.5 million to help treat the underlying factors of homelessness, like mental health and substance abuse.

Bob Wheaton is the spokesperson for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, the agency that received the grant. He says the grant is meant to do more than just find homes for people.