Dr. Peter Hahn portrait
Metro Health - University of Michigan Health

Metro Health – University of Michigan Health has a new President and CEO. Dr. Peter Hahn has been selected to lead Metro Health – University of Michigan Health.

Hahn is replacing retiring Michael Faas who has served as President and CEO for a quarter century.

Hahn describes himself as a physician CEO bringing a hands-on perspective to the position.

“Having a physician CEO really speaks to the progressive nature of Metro. What’s always been.”

All About Women

Jul 19, 2018

All About Women, monthly sharing health news about women. Today's topic with Dr. Robyn Hubbard, the Bladder infection!

Grand Valley State University has completed what school officials are calling “the first step in expanding the school’s health campus in downtown Grand Rapids.”

Tina Freese Decker
Spectrum Health

Spectrum Health introduced its next President and Chief Executive Officer. WGVU spoke with Tina Freese Decker.

“I am so proud of everyone that works at Spectrum Health and all of our partners. So, it’s an honor to be able to lead this organization.”

Medical experts: Update Michigan's HIV laws

May 29, 2018


Medical experts in Michigan say reducing the stigma of HIV is key to stopping the spread of the disease.

A package of bills in the state Legislature would update the state’s laws. That would include changing the criminal penalty for someone who doesn’t disclose they have HIV to a sexual partner. Right now it’s a felony to not disclose – even if the partner doesn’t get HIV. The bill would make it a misdemeanor and require the partner actually get HIV.

Doctor's coat
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Personalizing the management of disease is the goal of National Institutes of Health and partners like Grand Rapids’ Spectrum Health.

This week the All of Us Research Program is rolling out nationally with an aim to enroll one million or more volunteers who have been underrepresented in research.

WGVU spoke with Dave Chesla, Director of Research operations at Spectrum Health, explaining how the All of Us Research Program can impact health care in America.

NIH logo
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Personalizing the management of disease is the goal of National Institutes of Health and partners like Grand Rapids’ Spectrum Health. In its beta test year, NIH has enrolled more than 25,000 underrepresented individuals from across the country into its All of Us Research Program. It aims to enroll another one million in the coming years. The research aims to improve health outcomes.

Around two thirds of Michigan is overweight and a third are obese. That’s according to researchers who presented data at the West Michigan Health Care Economic Forecast Friday morning. Meanwhile, researchers from Grand Valley State and Tulane universities have found the rate of people without health insurance in Michigan has dropped below 10 percent, yet barriers to obtaining health care remain problematic.

John Austin,

The world is experiencing a new industrial transformation. A new report by the Michigan Economic Center says the state is positioned to grow hundreds of businesses and tens of thousands of new jobs. WGVU talks with the report’s lead author about how Michigan can be a leader in emerging sectors.

“We benefited and helped lead one economic transformation, the great industrial economy.”

John Austin is Director of the Michigan Economic Center and lead author of a new report, “Jobs, Michigan, and Leadership in the Economy of Tomorrow”

Grand Valley State University logo

Grand Rapids continues to be a national leader in discovering a possible cure for Parkinson’s disease.

The National Institutes of Health has awarded Van Andel Research Institute, Rush University and Grand Valley State University researches with a $500,000 grant to continue work on a genetic modification identified and developed at GVSU.

“That money is used to test an a agent that we have developed in our lab.”

Merritt DeLano-Taylor is associate professor of biomedical sciences at Grand Valley State University.