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Grand Valley State University will transform Mount Vernon Avenue in downtown Grand Rapids into a pedestrian campus, featuring a pathway, green space and a bike trail.

During its February 26 virtual meeting, the GVSU Board of Trustees approved the redevelopment of Mount Vernon Avenue between Fulton and Watson streets on the Pew Grand Rapids Campus. 

The Mount Vernon redevelopment project will include a new pedestrian pathway with tables, benches and a non-motorized bike trail. 


Feb 18, 2021

GVSU's CLAS' Dr. Caitlin Horrocks discusses her latest work, Life Among the Terranauts. We discuss.

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  GVSU's President Philomena Mantella and three other GVSU Presidents host a roundtable meeting about democracy, the Constitution and elections. We discuss this February virtual event with President Mantella.


Dec 18, 2020
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  We hear a poem. wisdom from GVSU leaders, one sharing her grappling with increasing blindness. Professor Jeff Kelly Lowenstein and Dr. Melba Velez Ortiz with the reading.

PBS Newshour Journalist To Give Virtual Address During Annual MLK Event

Dec 10, 2020
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An award-winning journalist with the PBS Newshour will be the keynote speaker at the annual MLK event held in January.


Grand Valley State University President Philomena V. Mantella announced a major initiative to support Michigan veterans, believed to be the first of its kind in the nation.

The GVSU Veteran Promise guarantees admission to Grand Valley State University for enlisted 2021 Michigan high school graduates.

All 2021 Michigan high school graduates who have signed enlistment papers to serve in the U.S. military for at least two years are reserved a spot at Grand Valley upon exit of their service or to begin online in their active duty years.

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 Checking in on GVSU's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Deanna Morse, Emerita Professor, discussing her recent election to the Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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Authorities are investigating a potential hate crime at Grand Valley State University, after a minority student group’s meeting was interrupted with racist language and images. The incident took place Thursday night during an online meeting with a student organization known as the Black Male Scholars.

Grand Valley State University is reporting that someone from outside of the group hacked into the Zoom meeting, and posted racist materials that were demeaning towards the African-American community.


With the country still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Grand Valley State University began its fall semester Monday with students returning to the classroom, while school officials say, a number of safety measures have been put in place.

University President Philomena Mantella, in her annual convocation on Friday, urged students to find the joy in their higher education this fall, even while the coronavirus has drastically changed their expectations of the college experience.

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As Grand Valley State University prepares to welcome students both virtually and in person, the new Laker Line is set to debut on Monday. 

The new line, (which replaces the Rapid Route 50), will look a little different than originally planned, due to the Pandemic.

“It’s been a project in the works for seven years, we’re thrilled to be bringing it on to the street.”

Bill Kirk is The Rapid Business Affairs Specialist.  He says throughout the seven years of planning with Grand Valley State University for the new Laker Line, capacity was one of the biggest concerns.

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Face masks are a common sight among most people during this coronavirus pandemic.  But frontline workers are likely wearing masks for a longer period of time and with that, could experience a bit of irritation… especially around the ears.  A 2019 Grand Valley State University alum has created something to help.

“Any frontline worker or anyone who feels the need to wear a mask from 30 minutes to an hour, a button headband can provide much needed relief.”

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A first of its kind study by Grand Valley State University’s Charter Schools office reveals teachers are innovative and resilient when it comes to COVID-19 and moving forward with education.  The study highlights K-12 districts’ support for student learning and well-being.

“Perhaps the silver lining from this tragic pandemic is that we have wider recognition of the innovation that educators are using to drive learning forward right now.”

Grand Valley Lanthorn


Grand Valley State University is hoping to help keep people fed during the COVID-19 pandemic, as school officials announced Thursday it will be donating over 4000 pounds of food to food pantries. The food comes from Grand Valley State University’s Campus Dining, and with the school shut down for the remainder of the semester, officials say it otherwise would have gone to waste.

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 GVSU President Mantella joins TMS to discuss the current state of being with those calling GVSU work, home and play. What's been the response, how go the classes and what's the future hold?

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Add Grand Valley State University to a growing number of higher education instutitions that have cancelled classes amid the corona virus pandemic that is sweeping across the country. School officials made the call Wednesday after confirmation came down that the virus has spread to Oakland and Wayne counties.