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After a 2017 traffic stop study discovered racial bias in the Grand Rapids Police Department, an independent group charged with doing an internal review has released a series of recommendations for the GRPD to adopt. 

According to a press release from the city, "The recommendations fall in six areas of Grand Rapids Police Department policy review: staffing and deployment, internal affairs, training, youth interactions, community policing and crime reduction, and recruiting and hiring."

Sergeant Jon Wu, supervisor in the Vice Unit of the Grand Rapids Police Department, says as the state heads to potentially legalizing recreational marijuana the department is preparing to increase enforcement. 

“The way that some of the proposals are written now, there is going to be a pretty high tax on the marijuana that’s grown, and when you have a high tax on something you begin to have a black market in that to avoid that tax.” 


Alisha Lauchie, therapist certified in trauma focused behavioral therapy, she says that the African-American youths who were cuffed at gunpoint by Grand Rapids Police Department is not an isolated experience for children of color.

“I think we have to do as a community much better with treating our children as children. Essentially these were two boys that were in their neighbocrhood, on their street, not doing anything that was threatening or anything that was dangerous.” 

Wesley Morgan, local mental health professional says the children experienced a traumatic event.  

The Grand Rapids Police Department is dealing with another potential public relations crisis after police handcuffed 11-year old twins and their 17-year-old friend at gunpoint. All three youths are black, and the twin’s mother, Juanita Ligon says, the boys were racially profiled.

Grand Rapids Police are offering a different take on what happened. They say the police officers were responding to a report of juveniles with a handgun.


The Grand Rapids Police Department is asking for the public’s help in fighting crime as the GRPD launched two initiatives on Tuesday that will assist officers in their investigations of violent or illegal activity. The first is a system of leaving front door hangers on homes as police go from residence to residence in search of information after incidents involving a gun. 

After a traffic study last year found that Grand Rapids Police are twice as likely to pull over black drivers as non-black drivers, Grand Rapids City Commissioners responded by setting aside $5 million to be spent on improving community and police relations and restoring trust.


The Grand Rapids Police Department is praising the actions of a few police officers who were able to disarm a suicidal woman using non-lethal force.

Officers responded to a call Friday of a woman armed with a knife who had been stabbing herself. After multiple attempts were made to get her to drop it, officers ultimately fired non-lethal bean bags to gain control of the situation. 

After a video of police officers using force to arrest an African-American Man went viral, the Grand Rapids Police Department is defending the officer’s actions. 

An 8 second video posted on Facebook shows two Grand Rapids Police Officers struggling to handcuff 26-year-old Clinton Rice outside a local gas station, when a third officer seemingly comes out of nowhere and strikes Rice twice with his knee.

The video’s post, which has been viewed thousands of times, uses vulgar language and suggests that the police officers used unnecessary force on a helpless man.

The Grand Rapids Police Department is investigating an increase in a reported use of counterfeit money. Since December of 2017, there have been at least 12 cases or reported incidents.

Police have some tips for residents to avoid being scammed.

“We did have seven in December and five in January and that’s more than we generally see.  So we wanted to make the public aware that it’s on the increase and how they can avoid being a victim.”

A second bank robbery in Grand Rapids in the past four days has police on the hunt for a suspect. The bank robbery took place at Macatawa Bank on Burton Street near the Brenton Village Shopping Center around noon on Tuesday.

Witnesses describe the suspect as being a white male in his 50's, at least 6' tall and having a thin build. He was wearing a winter hat, a tan jacket, dark jeans, and dark shoes. He entered the bank alone and presented a note to the teller.