Getting Green

Nov 27, 2017

James Moyer, Associate VP for Facilities Planning, and Karen Ingle, Facilities Planning Project Manager join us for our Getting Green segment to discuss GVSU's commitment to sustainability.

Getting Green

Oct 23, 2017

Getting Green, a spotlight on all green practices and sustainability. Today's topic is, “You will Manage what you Measure.” Mark Zoeteman of FTC&H is our guest.

Getting Green

Aug 28, 2017

Getting Green, a monthly conversation on area green practices and sustainability efforts. Today we talk about the green construction scene in Michigan and the upcoming WM Design and Construction Expo/EXPI awards. We talk to Elizabeth Bovard of Builders Exchange of Michigan.

Getting Green

Jul 24, 2017

Getting Green, a monthly conversation on green practices and sustainability. Liesl Clark, Principle and Co-Founder of 5 Lakes Energy and Board Member of Advancing Women in Energy, joins us.

High School students have created a Public Service Announcement in support of the Mayor's Greening Initiative. We talk about this with guests from Mosiac Film Experience and City High.

Eco Insider

Jul 7, 2017

Monthly, we speak to guests from WMEAC, for our Eco Insider segment. Today we speak with the director of education.

Getting Green

Jun 26, 2017

For today’s Getting Green segment we speak with guests from Midwest Energy about their Michigan Battle of the Building Winners.

Green Michigan

Jun 6, 2017

Green Michigan ( is a resource center for Michigan environmental solutions, resources, and how-to’s. Angela Fox joins us to tell us all about it.

Getting Green

May 22, 2017

Michigan Green Communities with Jamie Kidwell-Brix, Michigan Green Communities Network Coordinator.

Getting Green

Oct 24, 2016

Getting Green, monthly speaking with guests involved in green practices. Today, Paul Abueva discusses Green Homes.