GR Equity Score Card


“He is a mixed child. I mean he could see himself in either a Latino or an African American, and all his teachers have been white so.’

That’s Naomi Silas, whose son Christian goes to second grade at Knapp Charter Academy in Grand Rapids.  

And Silas’s concerns match the result of a national study from the Century Foundation, a policy think tank. Here is Halley Potter, co author of “Scoring States on Charter Schools Integration”.

Grand Rapids Equity Scorecard from 2016 to the present

Feb 20, 2019
City of Grand Rapids

Since taking office in early 2016, Mayor Rosalynn Bliss made it a top priority for her administration to address systemic racism and racial bias. Here she is in the 2016 State of the City.  

“We must support the work being done to nurture business to business relationships, and to promote and enhance especially minority owned businesses.”

The experience of students of color in the Grand Rapids classroom

Nov 21, 2018
Grand Rapids Public Schools

In Grand Rapids Public Schools, students of color are a little over two grades behind white students. African American students are three times as likely to be suspended as white students, according to data from GRPS. 

“Unfortunately this is the real data, something that has been an issue within the district for many, many years. We are working to implement restorative practices of restorative justice. In fact we have had more than 1500 restorative circles. So we know the data is there, we know the data is not good and we know that we have a lot of work to do.”