Governor Whitmer

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Governor Whitmer announced last week construction could begin again on May 7th. She says now the state will study if cases of COVID-19 begin to increase again when some sectors of the economy return to work. 

“It’s really important that between each of these moments where we reengage another sector that we have some time go by so we can assess. Is COVID-19 starting to rise in a particular area again, or not? Is it safe to turn the knob for the next step?”  

Republicans vow to cut Gov. Whitmer's emergency powers

Apr 24, 2020
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Republicans who control the Legislature want to dilute the power of Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. They say they'll meet Friday to pass bills to rein in Whitmer's emergency powers and create a committee to oversee the state’s response to the coronavirus outbreak. Republicans are unhappy with the breadth of Whitmer’s stay-at-home order, though polling shows the public believes she's made the right calls.

Ethics expert appointed to MSU board amid Nassar fallout

Dec 5, 2019
Photo of Larry Nassar
Michigan State University

  Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has named an ethics expert to Michigan State University’s governing board as it continues to confront the fallout from Larry Nassar's sexual assaults. The appointment of Renee Knake on Wednesday fills a vacancy left by a trustee who resigned over the board’s decision to drop a promised independent review of the Nassar scandal. University of Houston law professor Renee Knake previously taught at Michigan State’s law school for a decade and still lives in East Lansing.

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  Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said Monday she wants to pause the implementation of work requirements for adults in Michigan’s Medicaid expansion program until a lawsuit is resolved, but doing so would require an agreement from Republican lawmakers.

The rules are scheduled to begin in January. Though nine states have had their waivers approved by the Trump administration, Michigan would be the only state with requirements in effect.