Tuesday, September 15th @ 9:00pm on WGVU Public Television - PBS FRONTLINE presents Policing the Police 2020 examining the realities of race and policing in America in a year that has put structural racism on display. WGVU spoke with the film's correspondent.

“The country’s on fire and their anger is directed at law enforcement officers.”


“A national outcry and one police force trying to change.”

“Can this be done in a way that still respects people’s rights.”

Jelani Cobb is correspondent of FRONTLINE’s Policing the Police 2020.


Tuesday, June 23rd @ 10:00pm  on WGVU Public Television - PBS FRONTLINE presents Opioids Inc. revealing how one drug company bribed doctors, committed insurance fraud and made millions for Wall Street investors pushing a highly addictive opioid painkiller.

NARRATION: “Wall Street loves a success story and John Kapoor had a great story to sell.”

NARRATION: “This is a very dangerous product. It was misused. It could actually kill people.”


Tuesday, June 16th @ 9:30 on WGVU Public Television - PBS FRONTLINE presents The Virus: What Went Wrong? It investigates why and how the U.S. was unprepared to battle COVID-19, despite repeated warnings of a potent contagion headed our way.

“In December patients are trickling into hospitals in Wuhan.”

“It was like a nuclear bomb.”

Narrator: “Why wasn’t the United States more prepared?”

“It really goes to the top in the White House and that’s what we show in the program that the response was just sluggish and not coordinated well.”


Tuesday, May 19th @ 10pm on WGVU Public Television - PBS FRONTLINE presents Inside Italy’s COVID War. A documentary offering a visceral look inside a hospital battling COVID-19 cases in Northern Italy at the height of its crisis.

“I remember it was kind of mid-February and the first cases of COVID appeared in a small town in Northern Italy.”

Sasha Achilli returned to her childhood home locked down by the government reporting and producing the FRONTLINE film Inside Italy’s COVID War. Achilli telling the story from inside one of the regions hospitals.


Tuesday, May 19th @ 10pm on WGVU Public Television, FRONTLINE (PBS) is airing Inside Italy’s COVID War, and it’s the first full-length documentary filmed inside a hospital battling COVID-19.

From Emmy and BAFTA-winning Italian producer & director Sasha Achilli, the documentary offers a visceral look inside a hospital battling COVID-19 cases in Northern Italy at the height of its crisis, as doctors are forced to make life and death decisions.


April 21st @ 9:00 pm on WGVU Public Television - PBS FRONTLINE presents Coronavirus Pandemic investigating how the deadly COVID-19 outbreak began in the U.S. and how the federal response allowed it to spread. WGVU spoke with correspondent Miles O’Brien.


Tuesday, April 7th @ 10pm, WGVU-TV presents FRONTLINE's China Undercover. From producer Robin Barnwell (Battle for Hong Kong) the documentary also examines the Communist regime’s use of sophisticated surveillance and AI technology against the members of its Muslim population. In addition to undercover footage, the documentary draws on accounts from family members who are desperately searching for their disappeared loved ones, and the stories of people who were held in the detention camps themselves.


Tuesday, March 31st on WGVU-TV @ 10pm, Plastic Wars reveals that for decades, the plastics industry has helped sell its products by promoting the recyclability of plastic — despite deep doubts inside the industry that widespread plastic recycling would ever be economically viable. “There was never an enthusiastic belief that recycling was ultimately going to work in a significant way,” Lew Freeman, former VP of government affairs for the Society of the Plastics Industry, tells FRONTLINE and NPR in Plastic Wars.


On Tuesday, Mar,ch 24 we will air NRA Under Fire. From producer Gabrielle Schonder and her team at Kirk Documentary Group (America’s Great Divide: From Obama to Trump), the documentary explores how once an unrivaled political power, the NRA is facing challenges from all sides.


Amazon is an online shopping empire. How much power does it wield? Is it a monopoly? Tuesday, February 18th at 9pm on WGVU Public Television, FRONTLINE presents Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos.

WGVU spoke with producer, James Jacoby.

“Everything that is admirable about Amazon is also something that we should fear about it. FRONTLINE investigates, Amazon.”