Doug DeVos

Rich DeVos photo

Family, friends and a former U.S. President gathered at Grand Rapids’ LaGrave Avenue Christian Reformed Church celebrating the life of philanthropist, Amway co-founder and owner of the NBA’s Orlando Magic, Richard M. Devos who recently passed away at the age of 92.

“C.S. Lewis claimed that a careful study of history would reveal that Heavenly minded people like Rich make a great deal of difference in the world.”

Reverend Dr. Stanley Mast spoke of the four values dear to Richard M. Devos; philanthropy, freedom, family and faith.

On a chilly, overcast June morning hundreds of guests gathered, some seated in bleachers, before a stage erected at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum entrance. A giant American flag and the sounds of The United States Army Chorus filled the air.

“It is my honor to hereby declare the opening of the DeVos Family Learning Center and the reopening of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, thank you.”

After months of renovations and the construction of the 8,000-square-foot DeVos Learning Center, this is a day of celebration.