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Talent from the Heart program art
Degage Ministries

Grand Rapids' St. Cecilia Music Center recently hosted a talent show called Talent from the Heart.

The performers call the city's Heartside community home. We introduce you to Degage Ministries and some of its patrons who took to the stage in the 500-seat auditorium.

Here these homeless and disadvantaged men and women shared their talents and built confidence. They opened ears and eyes and perhaps, a door of opportunity.

Brothers collect cans, raise more than $1,500 for homeless

Aug 21, 2017

After collecting pop cans all summer, two brothers raised more than $1,500 to help the homeless in Grand Rapids and host a pizza party. Ten-year-old Caleb Graves and 7-year-old Jacob decided to act after seeing a man panhandling. Their goal was to raise money to buy pizzas for the homeless who are served by Degage Ministries. Peppino's Sports Grille ended up donating 30 pizzas for 100 people Friday, so the money donated by the Graves brothers will be used for birthday parties.

Degage Ministries
Dégagé Ministries / degageministries.org

We speak with guests from Dégagé Ministries. Dégagé clients are training to participate in this year's 5/3rd River Bank Run.

Grand Rapids offering day work for homeless

Feb 6, 2017

Grand Rapids Officials are partnering with a homeless outreach organization Next Step of West Michigan to offer people holding signs and asking for a handout a chance to work for the day instead. The pilot program began in Albuquerque, New Mexico and has been so successful that Grand Rapids Mayor Roslynn Bliss decided to give it a try here. Next Step program director Jonathan Peerboom says he was skeptical at first, but 90 percent of the people who are offered the work jump at the chance to take it.

Homeless shelter expands hours during winter months

Jan 4, 2017

Downtown Grand Rapids homeless shelter Degage Ministries is extending its day center’s hours this winter season to help keep people suffering from homelessness warm during the cold months. 

“Well with the elements in Michigan we know that the cold weather is coming and its forecasted for this week, and when we serve a vulnerable population it is just so important that they have a place to be and out of the cold weather," Marge Palmerlee, the executive director at Degage Ministries said.

Degage Ministries

For the past couple of years, Dégagé Ministries provides a discounted holiday store for low-income shoppers to purchase presents for loved ones.

This year, the non-profit has a new, digital option available for those who want to help out.

"Our goal, with everything we do, is to provide activities and programs that foster dignity and respect," Bob Kreter, Dégagé marketing manager, says. "So we want to provide a very affordable store, so our patrons can buy gifts for their famil[ies]."