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The legislative committee looking into the state’s COVID-19 response meets again Monday – where top health officials in Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s administration will face questions from lawmakers.

This will be the first committee hearing since the state Supreme Court struck down the governor’s continued use of emergency powers and encouraged the Legislature and Whitmer to strike a bargain.


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With public health and safety as its top concern, Spectrum Health wants patients and visitors to know that guidelines to control COVID 19 remain in effect. 

“We’re continuing the guidelines that have been in place.”

That’s Dr. Dan McGee. He is a Pediatric Hospitalist at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.

As we continue to make our way through this pandemic, officials at Spectrum Health say based on scientific evidence and infection prevention best practices, what they’re doing is working and they need to stay the course.

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Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said Monday that a statewide mask requirement remains in effect despite the Michigan Supreme Court’s invalidation of a law that underpins her orders to control the coronavirus pandemic.

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Michigan has the 6th highest need for loans in the nation. That from a WalletHub survey that looks at the Coronavirus impact on the economy of the U.S.

“Right now, Americans who are having trouble with their finances during the pandemic are searching for all sorts of options to relieve that pressure. From home equity loans, payday loans…”

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The Grand Rapids Public School District is offering help to students who may be experiencing trauma during the COVID 19 pandemic. 

“We’re doing everything we possibly can to wrap our arms around our students and families.”

John Helmholdt is the Executive Director of Communications and External Affairs for Grand Rapids Public Schools.  He says they know the times can be stressful during the pandemic which is why they have extended an offering of help for those who may need it. 

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May Mobility

Earlier this week, the City of Grand Rapids and May Mobility relaunched their autonomous vehicle shuttle service.  Service stopped in March due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

Officials say the vehicles have undergone rigorous cleaning to ensure passenger safety.

“With everything that happened with COVID and our shuttles being the size that they are there’s no way to appropriately social distance without added measures.”

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wallet hub

Labor Day is fast approaching.  It’s of course a holiday that pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers. But this year, with the national unemployment rate set at 10.2 percent it’s also a time to take a look at how workers are being impacted by the Coronavirus Pandemic.  WGVU takes a look at a recent WalletHub survey and its findings.

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Sweepstakes, lotteries and prizes.  New data show these are the scams that the Better Business Bureau says lures and targets seniors over the age of 65.  The BBB is warning this group to be vigilant as scammers are now using the COVID-19 crisis to prey upon potential victims.

“The full data when you look at all data, usually it’s the younger ones that lose money. But in this specific set of scams the people that lose the most are seniors.”

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wallet hub

As the pandemic continues states are grappling with what to do about schools reopening, mask restrictions and more… some states are also facing delays on progress due to spikes in COVID 19. But there has been some positive movement.  WalletHub today released new rankings for states with the biggest health improvements and Michigan scored well.

“We’re talking most improved, we’re looking specifically at health, and things like the death rate, positive testing rate and transmission numbers.”

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In mid-April, Spectrum Health began treating COVID-19 patients with blood plasma from patients who have recovered from the disease, providing an additional treatment option to the most severely affected COVID-19 patients.  Doctors have a report on the progress they’ve made and a call for more donors.

“When we first started our goal was to prove the treatment is safe and we did that. Now our second step is to prove that the treatment is working.