A state Senate bill has been introduced to ban the Confederate battle flag at the state Capitol.

The flag was prominently displayed at protests in Lansing and during the insurrection at the US Capitol. A Republican lawmaker wore a Confederate flag facemask during a Senate session.
            State Senator Sylvia Santana is a Democrat from Detroit. Her bill would forbid the display of the Confederate battle flag in the Capitol building and on the grounds.
            Santana says the flag is a form of hate speech.

Justin Amash U.S. House of Representatives photo

Call it what you want, says President Donald Trump in a Wednesday tweet, but his executive order to restrict travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries to enter the U.S. is about keeping "bad people" out.

U.S. Representative Justin Amash disagrees calling it unlawful.

The Cascade Township republican spoke with WGVU about his recent Facebook post that says "President Trump's executive order overreaches and undermines the nation’s constitutional system."