In his new book Arthur Vandenberg: The Man in the Middle of the American Century, author Hank Meijer explores the life of the Grand Rapids republican who passed away nearly 70 years ago.

Meijer shares with readers Vandenberg's political savvy and his ability to forge foreign policy with democrats creating NATO and the United Nations.

What can today's political leaders learn from Senator Vandenberg? Meijer explains it's about bipartisan engagement and an openness to a large number of groups.


At a time when America is turning inward and nationalism is on the rise, what can Americans learn from Senator Arthur Vandenberg?

The Grand Rapids republican passed away nearly 70 years ago, but a new book by Hank Meijer shines the light on Vandenberg once again.

WGVU spoke with Meijer who explains how Vandenberg’s openness to change and bipartisan compromise helped to make America a world power.

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