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Muskegon Community Educational Center (MCEC) is an alternative high school designed to prevent high school dropout through the use of unique traditional and non-traditional programs. MCEC is an essential step to earning a high school diploma, identifying a career path, or transitioning into college. MCEC provides a place where education is magnified using a collaborating community. The podcasts on this page are the work of a network of MCEC student journalists.

Ways to Connect

Join Mr. Williams, Jordan and Amanda as they recap their experiences from the Muskegon Rotary National Arbor Day Tree Planting Project.

MCEC student Amanda Maxwell speaks with Chauncy Williams, the MCEC Coordinator of Student Success, about MCEC, life at school and her experiences with bullying.

The spoken word performance group The Diatribe presents an original spoken word composition and reading by Sprout, a Diatribe member.

Student Journalists Jayden Bevans and Jordan McMillan offer insight into racism and their experience dealing with the problems created by racism.

Join MCEC Student Journalists Jayden Bevans and Jordan McMillan as they discuss their experiences with COVID and how it has affected their daily life. Their unique take on the pandemic and its hardships provides an interesting look by teens and their feelings during a national heath crisis.