Whitmer pitches budget plan to business leaders

Feb 7, 2020

Michigan Gov. Whitmer
Credit wikipedia.com

Governor Gretchen Whitmer kicked off a tour today to start selling her budget plan.
                She started with an address to an influential group of business leaders.

The governor was warmly greeted by the Detroit Economic Club, where she explained why she is standing by her call to raise the fuel tax to pay for road repairs.
                She says part of the problem is money is moved from the General Fund every year to help pay for roads. At the same time, tax revenues to the General Fund have not kept up with inflation. She says increasing the fuel tax would help ensure more money for a variety of priorities.

                “More to invest in roads, more to invest in higher education and help bring down the cost of getting a college degree, more to respond to green ooze and other threats to our drinking water.”