Whitmer lays out criteria for re-opening Michigan

Apr 28, 2020

Governor Gretchen Whitmer detailed the loose framework for the things she’ll consider when deciding which parts of the state to re-open and when they’ll be reopened in a briefing on Monday.

The Governor announced the state will be divided into eight regions, and data about how people get to work and how likely they are to spread COVID-19 based on workplaces will be considered when re-opening.

Whitmer says what other states are doing, isn’t right for Michigan.

"It is making sure we’ve got a policy that makes sense for Michigan, that will keep Michigan workers, and Michigan families, and Michigan health care systems and Michigan businesses able to continue to take the next step,” Whitmer said. 

After easing restrictions for landscaping last week, the Governor said to expect construction and outdoor enterprises to open up next.