Whitmer asks why civil rights chief is still on the job

Aug 2, 2019

Agustin Arbulu
Credit detroitnews.com

Governor Gretchen Whitmer wants to know why the state’s civil rights director is still on the job.

That’s after director Agustin Arbulu was reprimanded for inappropriate behavior.

In a letter to the Michigan Civil Rights Commission, Governor Whitmer demanded an explanation why Agustin Arbulu remains in charge of the civil rights department. That’s after an inquiry determined he created a hostile work environment with comments he made about women and about a gay employee.

       Governor Whitmer said she has “serious concerns” about Arbulu’s ability to lead the department. But she does not have the authority to hire or fire the director. The commission held a closed-door session on Monday on the matter. Whitmer has also asked for recordings and a transcript of that meeting where the commission decided to reprimand Arbulu.