What an 80 acre lettuce farm can grow, Caledonia-based Revolution Farms can grow on one acre

Oct 23, 2019

Revolution Farms, Caledonia, Michigan
Credit Revolution Farms

“We use 90 percent less water, 90 percent less land and about 95 percent less miles travelled if you think about the trucks that have to ship lettuce from the West Coast.”

I ask Revolution Farms CEO and Chairman in this one acre of greenhouse hydroponic growing, how much lettuce are you putting out compared to another acre of farmland?

“We are growing about 8,000 pounds of lettuce per week. So, if you do the math that’s about 400,000 pounds a year.”

Compare that to the average farm.

“I believe it’s for one acre of greenhouse we’re effectively equal to 80 acres of farmland and the big difference, of course, is that we can grow 12 months out of the year which is a big difference in the state of Michigan.”