WGVU presents FRONTLINE: Opioids Inc.

Jun 23, 2020

Credit cironline.org

Tuesday, June 23rd @ 10:00pm  on WGVU Public Television - PBS FRONTLINE presents Opioids Inc. revealing how one drug company bribed doctors, committed insurance fraud and made millions for Wall Street investors pushing a highly addictive opioid painkiller.

NARRATION: “Wall Street loves a success story and John Kapoor had a great story to sell.”

NARRATION: “This is a very dangerous product. It was misused. It could actually kill people.”

“This company, Insys (Therapeutics) created Subsys as a spray Form of fentanyl to spray sublingually under the tongue and it would be very fast acting.”

Tom Jennings is filmmaker of FRONTLINE’s Opioids Inc.

“What happened is, they took that drug, and they decided that the market for breakthrough cancer pain was too small to make enough money on. So, they decided to get a whole host, army of doctors that would be willing to prescribe it What’s called off-label.”

Doctors making money prescribing extreme doses.

NARRATION: “Low doses aren’t that much money. Higher dose, more money.”

FRONTLINE’s Opioids Inc. airs Tuesday, June 23rd @ 10:00pm on WGVU Public Television.