WGVU Decision 2018: Michigan 77th House District Democrats

Jul 23, 2018

Democrat logo
Credit flickr.com

Democrat Dana Knight ran in the 2016 General Election for Michigan House of Representatives in the 77th District. She lost to now state representative Tommy Brann. Knight is challenging again in the 77th District Democratic primary.

“My candidacy is based on the special interests of the people of Michigan. No matter your race, education, immigration status, occupation, religion and sexual orientation or physical limitations. As a black woman who knows personally what it feels like to be marginalized I will fight for you in our fight for humanity, for our fight for human rights and moral responsibility.”

Knight’s challenger is Democrat Robert Van Kirk whose platform is fighting for economic, social, and environmental justice.

“I’m campaigning to create a Medicare for all system in Michigan. So the first question when you go to the doctor isn’t ‘What’s your insurance?’ it’s what’s wrong with you. To change the way we fund our K-12 schools so the quality of your education is not dependent upon your zip code. A $15 minimum wage tied to inflation, along with a dollar-for-dollar tax cut for small business, and so much more. And visit my website vankirkformi.com to learn more about my platform as well as how you can get involved and making our government work for working people again.”

The Michigan primary is Tuesday, August 7th.

Patrick Center, WGVU News.