WGVU Decision 2018: Gubernatorial primary candidate Libertarian Bill Gelineau

Jul 30, 2018

Bill Gelineau, Libertarian gubernatorial candidate
Credit Libertarian Party of Michigan

WGVU’s Decision 2018 continues the countdown to the August 7th primary profiling the gubernatorial candidates. WGVU asks Libertarian Bill Gelineau three questions.

Q: What is your plan for expanding the state’s economy?

A: “Well, the most important thing is my Drop the Cap program which you can find on my website which is cometomichigan.org and that involves lowering the overall income level so that investment community will find Michigan attractive.”

Q: How would you improve the state’s educational outcomes?

A: “Well, I think we need to do more spending particularly to renew the number of counselors we have in our schools. I think that helping children have the right direction is really important. We have a fraction of what we had when I was in school here in Michigan.”

Q: Your plan for improving and funding the state’s infrastructure?

A: “Well, that starts with doing prison reform. We need to really eliminate the number of people we have in prison, redirect those funds, and some of the things from the Strategic Fund, into improving the quality of our roads.”