WGVU Decision 2018: 91st House District Democrats

Jul 24, 2018

Credit flickr.com

Andy O’Riley is the creator of website The Muskegon Channel and the Positively Muskegon Blog. The bi-product of a Teamsters and Pipefitters Union family, O’Riley says his campaign is focused on three things.

“Well the top three things to me are education. We need to protect the institution of public education, it’s an institution. And teaching to the test, and evaluating teachers underneath that is really become a problem. Our jobs and the economy, in Muskegon, we seem to be stuck at about $12 an hour, and it’s not really moving anything forward as fast as it should, and we need a little bit more stability in the community to make sure that people are there. People are working two to three jobs and it’s just very difficult to get that stability that we need, and our infrastructure.”

Tanya Cabala is a longtime White Hall City Council member, teacher and community activist. The director of a regional Great Lakes environmental organization, Cabala says she wants a prosperous Michigan for every resident.

“The reason I am running is that this is not the Michigan I want to leave my adult children, and my grandchildren. We need different priorities in Lansing, priorities that offer all citizens in our state to have an opportunity to have a prosperous life. Affordable health care, good paying jobs, support for our public schools and protecting the Great Lakes. I have worked across the aisle for local and state government for nearly 30 years, I have the track record, experience, work ethic and motivation to help get us back on track. I am working hard to win votes in my district and will work just as hard to get good things done in Lansing.”