West Michigan "Scout Salute" commemorates 9/11 terror attacks

Sep 11, 2018

17th Annual "Scout Salute" West Michigan Day of Remembrance, Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum Grand Rapids, MI
Credit Patrick Center / 546

The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum is hosting its Annual West Michigan Day of Remembrance. This marks the 17th year West Michigan Boy Scouts are saluting the flag from sun up to sundown paying their respects to all who died 17 years ago during the 9-11 terror attacks.

“Second rank attention…right hand salute…”

“We have the flag here under constant salute from dawn until dusk.”

“…First rank, two. Right face. Forward march...”

“7:18 this morning until 7:59 tonight we’ll be out here saluting. My name is Randy Ringquist I’m assistant council commissioner with the President Gerald R. Ford Field Service Council and we’re out here today for 9/11 Remembrance Salute. We are the only council in the whole United States that has been doing this.”

“…Right hand salute...”

“I’m Caitlin Bolich my kids are Landon Bolich he’s a Boy Scout in Troop #283 and my daughter is Lillian and she’s in Pack #3283. Landon is 10 and Lillian is seven. We actually pulled the kids out of school for the whole day and we come down here and we are trying to instill in them the respect that people deserve who maybe were there or who were not there but are still trying to fight for our freedom today.”

“It’s one way for us to help the youth remember what’s going on when 9/11” explains Ringquist.

“It’s just the fact of what all the people who died and what they did for us I feel I owe them something.”

That’s how Jack, a 14-year old Scout from Kent City describes his emotions.

“I feel it’s one of the bigger days in the year that we really should do more with than what we do. I feel like what we do is good but there should be more.”

From the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum paying respect to all those who died during the 9/11 terror attacks I’m Patrick Center.