Warning to shoppers on Cyber Monday: beware of online criminal activity

Dec 2, 2019

Credit Wikipedia


Retailers predict about three quarters of the US public will shop online today, however, the billions of dollars spent on this so-called “Cyber” Monday also offer a prime opportunity for online criminal activity.    The combination of online holiday deals and shoppers quickly buying lots of items, creates a fertile field for cyber criminals to steal personal information.

Cyber security expert Michael Madon says clicking a link in an email or pop up ad, or opening an attachment that appears to come from a retailer, can actually open a portal for networks of online scammers.

“While we’re all hunting for the hottest deal," Madon said, "cyber criminals are hunting for us. For them, it’s Cyber Monday too.”

Homeland Security officials caution that online crooks often pose as charities during the holidays.

They suggest going directly to a web site before providing any financial information.