'Verify the Vote' rally in Lansing Saturday draws hundreds of Trump supporters

Nov 15, 2020

Credit Associated Press

Hundreds rallied at the Michigan State Capitol Saturday in support of President Trump and verifying every vote for President in the state.

Holding a “Make America Great Again” flag, Amy, of Oakland County, stood at the Capitol Building in Lansing.  She didn’t want to give her last name, but said she’s protesting the election fraud she suspects took place in Michigan this past election. 

“We are here to continue the fight," she said. "We believe in President Trump. He’s had our back for four years. We are here to show our support for him.” 

Protesters allege -- without evidence -- that election officials in Detroit used illegal practices like not allowing Republican challengers into the building when counting votes. Those allegations are disputed by officials, including Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. 

On Friday, a Michigan Circuit court Judge rejected claims of fraud in Detroit and denied Republicans’ request to stop election canvassing and certification in Wayne County.