State Fire Marshal urges safety when using residential natural gas generators

Jan 29, 2019

Michigan State Fire Marshal
Credit Pixabay

Heavy snows along with freezing and sub-freezing temperatures are gripping West Michigan.

Should the power go, some residents have turned to using natural gas generators. Although they are efficient and cost-effect, the State Fire Marshal wants them to be used safely.

When the power goes out the lights go out and the heat turns off. If you’ve invested in a natural gas generator to power up your home in the event of an emergency, Michigan’s Fire Marshal Kevin Sehlmeyer explains you need to keep safety in mind when using natural gas equipment.

“While this thing’s running of course you don’t want people reaching into it, and then also, you want to make sure it’s been put in by a qualified electrician so that when it does come on everything is set and ready to go.”

What can happen when it’s not setup correctly?

“One of the things if it’s not correctly hooked up you could have an electrical fire. And then also, you know, want to make sure that it’s vented correctly so that, even with natural gas, it’s still with any combustion you always have carbon monoxide. You want to make sure that that’s not making its way back into a home.”

Sehlmeyer also recommends carbon monoxide alarms installed on every level of the home and outside sleeping areas.

Patrick Center, WGVU News.