Spectrum Health & Meijer Open First Retail-Based, Walk-in Clinic

Jul 10, 2018

Spectrum Health & Meijer Join Forces
Credit Spectrum Health

In an effort to improve access to care, Spectrum Health is opening its first retail-based walk-n clinic this week. 

“This is a great blending of two West Michigan entities that are quite present in our community so we’re quite excited to have this partnership.”

And this partnership is expected to help make health and wellness a part of people’s everyday lives.  Dr. Ed Millermaier, Spectrum’s chief of the department of primary health says the new walk in-clinic operated by Spectrum Health will be located in the new Hudsonville Meijer.   

“We recognize that we need to expand our offerings to multiple settings in primary care. And this is just one of them.  It offers the advantage of being open 364 days. Meijer is closed on Christmas, we will be as well.”

Dr. Millermaier says this clinic is a new concept in West Michigan…

“Well, this is new for spectrum and new for west Michigan, but it is not new for the country or for Michigan. There are other markets and we realize maintain a position so we’re excited to enter into the retail world of healthcare, which we have not done before. So that is new to us, for Spectrum.”

Services at the clinic do not include emergency care, on site x rays, stitches or treatment for broken bones.  

“It would be what we would define as low acute, issues, colds. Flus, rashes, you can get your flu shot, you can get those quick things.”

Dr. Millermaier says the walk in clinic opens on Thursday and will be overseen by a physician and staffed by two nurse practitioners.   The clinic accepts insurance however, it will take patients without insurance.  Visits are priced at 69-dollars.  Hours are 9 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday and 9 to 6 on Saturdays and Sundays.  And, it’s open all holidays, except Christmas.