Spectrum Health: Cancer Survivors Day 2018

Jun 5, 2018

Spectrum Health Cancer Center
Credit Spectrum Health / spectrumhealth.org

The Spectrum Health Cancer Center is celebrating Cancer Survivors Day 2018.  It’s tomorrow at the Lemmen-Holton Cancer Pavilion.

Hundreds of cancer survivors and the families and friends of current and former cancer patients will spend the afternoon enjoying live music and art among many other complimentary activities.

The event runs from 1 pm to 5 pm.

“A lot of people are affected by cancer. It’s expected there will be 15 million cancer survivors in the U S this year. So it’s a lot of people affected. . So we want to put on something fun and celebratory for those cancer survivors.”

That’s Jessica Majerle event coordinator for the Spectrum Health Cancer Center.  She says they have a full day of pampering and fun activities for cancer survivors and their family and friends.

“We’ll have a lot of activities for them to get involved in. So we’ll have some art projects, some massages which is always a big hit.  We’re going to have therapy dogs in the building this year, for survivors to love on and pet. So we’re really excited and invite anyone who’s been touched by cancer to come out and celebrate with us.”

One of the highlights of the day is the unveiling of a special photo exhibit that was created to honor cancer patients. It’s entitled: Crowns of Courage.

“We recently had installed “Crowns of Courage” exhibit which was an Art Prize exhibit last year, and it is photographs of women that have cancer and a henna artists came in and gave them crowns on their bald heads, and gave them henna tattoos on their body and they had their make-up done. It was something to make the women feel powerful and beautiful.”

If you can’t make Cancer Survivor Day and you do have a question or have been diagnosed with cancer, you can call 1 855 SH CANCER FOR additional help.